The Covid outbreak has provoked varied, hard-hitting implications for businesses and individuals alike, driving lasting behavioral and systemic changes that will continue to steer organizational frameworks for years to come. Having said that, the pandemic has also been instrumental in showcasing the immense value digital innovation can bring to businesses across industries and scale. From e-classrooms, to online healthcare consultations; from normalized zoom business meetings to entertainment – there is not a single product category or industry that did not find value in moving to the next level – digitally.

APIs – driving digital transformation globally

This rapid digital transformation, in a large part, was enabled by the API Revolution – helping businesses seamlessly move over SOAs (service-oriented architectures) and embrace quick, open and reusable solutions in APIs. Adoption of APIs has not only helped change how interfaces across organizational silos connect, but also empowered developers to discover digitally-driven business models, like never before. 

In fact, according to a recent study – The 2019 State of API Report by SmartBear, 76% of the organizations across the world, use APIs and develop APIs for both internal and external usage. Impacting a wide array of tech-intensive industries such as finance, IT SaaS, healthcare and e-commerce,  business leaders are depending on APIs for critical technology functions such as documentation, functional testing, source-control hosts and unit testing. 

Working as the connective tissue across a business’ digital presence, APIs allow services to engage coherently with each other, share data and functionalities, and provide a spectrum of benefits such as – 

  • Quicker product delivery
  • Less complex coding
  • Better functionality
  • Saved man-hours

But, it’s not all roses for API adoptions

On the flipside, APIs expose systems to malicious attacks by hackers, who easily exploit their self-documented paths that are created as clear, straightforward features to help developers. In September 2018, a high-impact security breach in Facebook exposed 50 Million user accounts – a result of an API breach. More recently, in April 2019 Indian hyperlocal search platform Justdial faced a major data breach, leaking personal data of as many as 100 million users. This was also a result of an API hacking. 

A broad range of breaches such as injection attacks, parameter tampering, brute force attacks, MITM (man-in-the-middle) attacks, broken authentication, broken access control and sensitive data-exposure have been used to crack APIs, gain access to critical functionalities – bringing entire businesses to their knees. 

So, what can be done?

With the rising need for API-driven digital transformation, it is only imperative that business leaders invest appropriately into securing such APIs, to not only protect against a loss of data or assets, but their reputation as well. With a sound strategy to preempt possible digital transformation security challenges across discovery, testing, and protection technologies, leaders can ensure that they keep their organization and customers secure, in the digital realm. 

What is Entersoft’s approach to API security, and digital transformation cybersecurity?

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API Critique

 Our home-grown, proprietary technology API Critique achieves penetration testing and eliminates vulnerabilities with minimal manual effort. This tool cuts down the time required for dedicated manual testing by as much as 40 times, and provides instant results – helping developers fix bugs with zero delay. 

Working as a Scanner + an API Penetration Testing tool, API Critique is one of the most-cutting edge API Security tools in the world, and comes with a range of business and technology benefits such as – 

  • Time saved: With simultaneous scans on multiple APIs, API Critique can test 50 API endpoints in less than 60 minutes (whereas manual testing could take anywhere upto 40 hours)
  • Minimal false positives: With very few false positives, it becomes easier to fix issues on the go, with confidence
  • Reduced Manual efforts: Short preparation times and faster testing allows developers to focus their efforts on core competencies
  • Enables DevSecOps: Improves collaboration between developer, security and operations teams through seamless documentation and reporting
  • Automated, custom reports: To share security data in a format that the user is most comfortable with, as well as with global compatibility
  • Continuous R&D: Updating to latest patterns and best practices from across the world

API Critique is designed by security experts with decades of experience in safeguarding global businesses against malicious cyberattacks. Bringing industry relevance and subject-matter expertise together, it helps businesses streamline security needs – saving time, manual effort and cost. 

Our experts work with customer teams to establish their security posture benchmarks and processes to help them secure their assets and data in the long run. Customising API testing tools, methodologies and technologies to fit the customer’s needs and priorities, we work as partners and advisors helping them stay ahead of attacks, as well as respond effectively in the event that a breach does occur. 

To stay abreast of the fast-paced digital economy, it is necessary for businesses to quickly adopt technologies such as APIs to scale faster and deliver more value. 

At the same time, what they also need is a forward-thinking approach where security is a culture, an investment, and an insurance policy – rather than an expense. Entersoft can help you build that culture of security and overcome all your digital transformation security challenges. 

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